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Note #21 is the twenty-first collectable note that can be found in Dying Light.

Transcript (Correct word for word, do not fix errors.) Edit

My jernol. By Gazi.

Entry 1 I am keeping a jernol becus the man in the movy about the smart mous had to keep a jernol. His name is Alergynon, and the longer you keep the jernol, the smarter you get. Right now my smart level is 8, so I'm smarter then just about most people. But this jernol will make me even more smart. Gess it could be good to be even smarter!

Entry 2 Today my new smart level is 9, so I'm reely much smarter than just about everybody who ever lived. When I went to the farmacy to get my mom's drugs the drug man said I could not have any more because my mom is a pumpkinhead now. So I started yell-singing in my super voice. Then he said, ok-ok, and gave me the drugs. He was not neerly smart enuff to go agenst Gazi!

Entry 3 Today my new smart level is 10, so I probubly can't go much hi-er. I am so smart now I can barely talk to people because they are so dum. Maybe becuming supersmart was a mistake. A lot of the people I see on the street are so much dumer than me that they seem to not be saying words at all. Just noises. If they don't see me they just stand around doing nothng. When they do see me they act stupid and get mad at me for being so much smarter then them. I used to think people were busy and really smart. Becuming 10-level smart has opened my eyes about people and how dum and lazy they reely are.

From now on I'm going to keep away from them. I just make people angry with my supersmart mind. They wish they were Gazi. But they can't be Gazi. Just me.

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