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Note #22 is the twenty-second collectable note that can be found in Dying Light.



You know the magazine supports you-always. And no one's saying you don't know what you're doing. you've been to too many places where you were the only one who dd know what he was doing. But this one is different. 

Harran isn't just another basket case, with a madman running the show. From what we're hearing (and it's not much), the Harran virus is now completely out of control. The effects of this disease are so uniquely horrifying that walling in the city and putting a man like Suleiman in charge actually makes a degree of sense. 

Anyway, we can't get you in through any of our channels. I won't say that we tried to, but we did look into what would happen if we attempted it: They were on us in seconds. People are watching us, and they're probably watching you, so be careful how you send information. And to whom.

Last thing. If you do somehow manage to get into Harran, you're going to have one hell of a time finding a way out. That place is sealed tight. 

Good luck, old friend.

You've got guts, but it's luck you're going to need most.