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Note #24 is the twenty-fourth collectable note that can be found in Dying Light.

Transcript Edit

Hanson Journal: Day 6.

Finally, everything is in place. It's a beautiful day, and we're all lounging on the rooftop. A few biters are roaming around, but for once I know they truly cant reach us. Al the doors are secured, and I have the only key. There won't be any "oops, my bad" around here. I've never locked myself out of a room, never lost a key or forgotten a lock combination. I'm not perfect, but I don't screw up on matters of security, because I use procedures and checklists, and I stick to them no matter what.

The people who've joined me here have put a lot of trust in me. Some were nervous about not having copies of the building keys. But I told them anyone who can unlock these doors can get you killed, and since they can also get me killed, I'm the only one who gets keys. You either trust me, or go back to The Tower. Nobody left.

I'm pretty damn pleased with what I've accomplished here, but my finest achievement is the electrified fencing I've encased the building in. Even the most determined volatile would be pan-roasted in a matter of seconds trying to scale it. The fencing is powered by a customized generator that runs off the building's gas lines, so can't run out of fuel. For safety reasons, I've allowed the generator to run down its gasoline supply. Now I'll just head down and switch it over to natural gas. And then it will run forever.

I predict tonight will be the best night's sleep I've had in months. By god, I've earned it.

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