Biographical information
Full name Nuri
Gender Male
Nationality Turkish
Status Alive/Presumably Deceased
Physical description
In-game information
Affiliations Bilal
Location Gas Station (Countryside)
Appearances Dying Light: The Following

Nuri is a character featured in Dying Light: The Following.

Biography Edit

Events of Dying Light: The Following Edit

He is one of the survivors residing at the Gas Station owned by Bilal. On his first appearance, he drops his toy car right as Crane asks Bilal if he is the owner of said Gas Station. Bilal then picks up the toy car for him and shortly afterward, fixes one of the wheels before returning the car again. If one were to look at his facial expressions, players might notice Nuri speaking to himself (Lips moving, although it may not be necessarily words since there is no audible sound emitted). According to Bilal, Nuri had been bitten before (About 2 months ago, before the conversation with Bilal), surprising the player.

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