"Poor bastard!"
Dying light omar
Location Overpass
Affiliation Runners
Quest(s) Siblings

Omar[1] was a minor character that appeared in the Preview Build Demo of Dying Light And in the main game.


Preview BuildEdit

Omar had accompanied Rahim and several men on a mission. They were supposed to demolish a building, but they were unable to complete their mission when they reached the overpass. Omar was killed by the bandits on the overpass.

When Ken was sent by Brecken to find them, he discovered the body Omar was lying on appeared to be an explosive.[1] When he attempted to relay the information of Omar's demise, he was attacked and forced off the overpass by a demolisher.[1]

Main Game

Omar like before,accompanied Rahim to blow the volatile nest in the slums.Rahim and Omar get ambushed on the overpass by zombies,resulting in Rahim getting bitten and Omar getting killed.Omars body is later found by Crane on the overpass during Cranes search for Rahim.


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