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Outfits are a gameplay element featured in Dying Light. They serve as a customization for the player's in-game appearance.

In order to change your outfit, you must change the appearance in the Player Stash within a safe zone of sort, and change the outfit to your decision of feel. You can unlock more outfits as the game progress, unlocking it by completing a requirement, etc.

General OutfitsEdit

Name Image Availability
Survivor Rank 3, after completing First Assignment.
Brainsss Game Completion on Nightmare
Bully Game Completion on Normal
Colassalkiwi Outfit At Start
Dirty Clothes
Dirty Clothes Outfit
At Start
D.O.A Game Completion on Nightmare
Fresh Clothes
Survivor Rank 1, during Awakening. This is the first unlockable outfit the player receives in the game.
Survivor Rank 15
Survivor Rank 18
Parkour Fever Unlocking The Boy Who Could Run achievement
Parkour Instructor Unlocking GD Parkour Instructor achievement
Punk Game Completion on Normal
Runner Survivor Rank 6
Survivor Rank 10
Survivor Rank 12
Trick or Treat Game Completion on Hard
Zombie Wannabe Game Completion on Hard

DLC OutfitsEdit

Name Image Availability
Alienware Outfit Code on Alienware website, after signing up. You are able to get the outfit after receiving an email notification about the outfit.
Bozak Mask Unlocking the Together Till The End achievement
Bozak's Pet After completing The Bozak Horde
Crash Test Crash Test DLC
Gun Psycho Gun Psycho DLC
Harran Ranger Harran Ranger DLC
Master Scavenger Playstation Pre-Order Bonus. Initally, there were many complaints about this outfit being glitched before fixed in a patch.
Ninja Ninja DLC. Was initially set as a pre-order bonus for the game from Best Buy.
Nvidia Outfit Code on Nvidia website, after signing up.
Razer Outfit Code on Razer website, after signing up. On Steam, you must go to Activate a Product under the Games menu of your Steam account, and submit the received code to get the outfit.
Special Agent Special Agent DLC. Was initially set as a pre-order bonus for the game from Best Buy.
Techland Outfit Dying Light Digital Deluxe Edition
Troublemaker Troublemaker DLC. Was initially set as a pre-order bonus for the game.
Urban Explorer Urban Explorer DLC. Was initially set as a pre-order bonus for the game from Walmart.
Volatile Hunter Volatile Hunter DLC

National Outfits Edit

Name Image
New Zealand
South African

The Following OutfitsEdit

Name Image Availability
Acolyte Outfit Trust Level - Disciple
Ally Outfit Trust Level - Ally
Stranger Outfit Trust Level - Stranger

Collectible Outfits (The Following) Edit

Name Image Availability
Double E Outfit
Double E Outfit
Inside a house in the Town, south of Bilal's Gas Station
Grey & Red Outfit
Grey and Red Outfit
Tunnel in the south west, in between travel bags
H.S.T.D. Outfit
H.T.S.D Outfit
On an rock edge within the marked area during the quest An Unfinished Story - Reach the Temple of the Sun
Mandala Skull Outfit
Mandala Skull Outfit
Inside one of the tombstones in the Cemetery
Nothing Happened Outfit
Nothing Happened Outfit
Inside the starting out cave in the beginning, underneath a corpse. You'll be able to return to the cave using Tolga's Folly
Puzzle Outfit
Puzzle Outfit
At Thor's bridge
Snake Outfit
Snake Outfit
Under the train boxcar Safe House's bridge
Stargazer Outfit In the crashed alien spaceship southeast, after finding all of the Strange Rocks and unlocking the Alien easter egg
Team Dying Light Outfit
Team Dying Light Outfit
After activating the secret Nuke ending, the outfit will appear in the Player's Stash
Tree Hugger Outfit
Tree Hugger Outfit
After destroying the Volatile Nest tunnel
Yakuza Outfit
Yakuza Outfit
In the Town south of Bilal's Gas Station, last floor on a chair sofa

==Legendary Level Outfits Every 25 levels you go up, you unlock a new outfit

Name Image Availability
Brecken Outfit Legend Level 50
Dragon Ninja Outfit Legend Level 225
Golden Boy Outfit Legend Level 200
GRE Enforcer Outfit Legend Level 75
Perfect Gentlemen Outfit Legend Level 125
Quarantine Demon Outfit Legend Level 150
Rahim Outfit Legend Level 175
Rais Outfit Legend Level 250
Rais Killer Outfit Legend Level 25
Tahir Outfit Legend Level 100

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