Patch Notes Edit

1.2.1 patch notes (Windows & Linux)

  • numerous performance optimizations, both general and configuration-specific, that resolve many performance problems 
  • compatibility fixes – related to language and regional system settings 
  • fixes a number of crashes in various situations 
  • blocked cheating by changing game’s data files 
  • new issue tracking mechanisms (-safemode switch, additional logs, minidumps always, full dumps on request) 
  • numerous audio compatibility fixes 

Bug fixing: 

  • resolved disappearing inventory in a save game in specific circumstances 
  • resolved blocked using of items after breaking reloading of shooting weapon 
  • removed weapon duplication glitch of throwable weapons 
  • limited camera field of view on cutscenes when in-game FOV set to other than default 
  • lowered frequency of docket availability information 


  • performance issues of systems based on the AMD processor 
  • freezes when using Nvidia DoF 
  • unsatisfactory performance on multi-GPU systems 

1.2.1 Linux specific patch notes:

  • added keyboard support for unicode characters 
  • fixed crashes (when unplugging game PAD controller, on landing movie) 
  • fixed primary weapon HUD selection via mouse controller 
  • fixed input system performance (along with mouse wheel) 
  • fixed v-sync in windowed mode 
  • fixed fullscreen support 
  • fixed game process priority 
  • fixed water reflection 
  • fixed in-game menu map background 
  • fixed characters faces morphing (chatters) 
  • fixed missing (yellow) materials, i.e. sense mode, bushes, rocks 


  • the game does not launch on some systems (i.e. Linux Mint) 
  • the game does not work with Radeon cards 
  • some rendering/OpenGL performance issues 
  • too intense blur effect

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