Dying light polat
Biographical information
Full name Polat
Gender Male
Nationality Turkish
Family Unnamed wife (deceased)
Talo (brother)
Physical description
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
In-game information
Affiliations Jasir
Location Jasir's Farm (Countryside)
Appearances The Way Out (Dying Light: The Following)

Polat is a character featured in Dying Light: The Following.

Biography Edit

Events of Dying Light: The Following Edit

He is one of the survivors residing at Jasir's Farm.

During the quest Going Postal, Kyle Crane discovers a letter to Polat while searching a van outside the post office and has the choice of delivering the letter. Upon receiving it, Polat reveals that he cannot read; his wife previously read for him, but she is no longer with Polat so he asks Crane to read the letter for him:

Polat, you damned son of a bitch! Don't you even think about dying out there! If I find out you were killed by a zombie, I'll fucking haunt you in the afterlife. Your ass is mine. Love, Talo.

Polat explains that Talo is his brother, and they have now been estranged for months. He thanks Kyle for delivering the message, and wonders out loud whether his brother might still be alive.

Quests Edit

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