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Police Rifle
Police Rifle
Gameplay information
Weapon Type Firearm (Rifle)
Default Ammo Rifle Ammo
Locations Old Town
Out-of-Universe information
Appearance Dying Light

The Police Rifle is a firearm in Dying Light. It can be purchased from shops, found in loot caches, looted from certain encounters with hostile gun-toting enemies, and in the trunks of police vans.

Overview Edit

The Police Rifle is commonly first seen on survivors guarding the tower. Like most firearms, the Police Rifle is initially a rare find, also being one of the signature weapons of Rais' thugs and only being obtainable from them during several side quests and story missions late into the Slums chapter. Later, it can be found in abundance in Sector 0. In The Following, bandits from random encounters also sometimes use these rifles.

Comparing to the Military Rifle, the Police Rifle has higher firepower and accuracy. However, unlike the Military Rifle, the Police Rifle is a semi-automatic rifle, which has a better accuracy and can be used as a DMR.

Variants Edit

There are three variants of the Police Rifle included in the Enchanced Edition and in The Following.

Police Rifle
  • Advanced Police Rifle (x2)
  • Camo Police Rifle
  • Desert Police Rifle

Weapon StatisticsEdit

Statistics Description
Firepower 184
Accuracy 75
Rate of Fire 100
Value $10350

Trivia Edit

  • The Police Rifle appears to be based on the SIG SG 556 (with the weapon having the 556's forestock, iron sights, pistol grip, etc) with incorporated elements of a Bushmaster ACR. In-game, the weapon has a fixed stock and a small magazine.
  • This is the only rifle in-game that is semi-automatic.
  • In the Dying Light Official Game Guide, the Police Rifle contains a cut design, appearing as a hybrid of a SIG SG 551/552. This variant also appears in the E3 2014 trailer, shown wielded by a survivor.
  • During the quest Pact with Rais, there is a bandit armed with a police rifle at the gas station and sometimes,a Military Rifle (when searching for the missing patrol and blueprint) that will shoot at the player.
  • Prior to the Enchaned Edition, the Camo and Desert variants were just simply called the Police Rifle.
  • A bug is currently in-game where the Advanced Police Rifle's handguard grips in first-person are blurred with the Motion Blur option enabled.

Gallery Edit

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