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Posters AgilityChallenge
Posters CombatChallenge

"Posters" are an optional set of challenges available in Dying Light and completing each challenge successfully will count towards the I'm a Runner and a Fighter achievement or trophy. It consists of six agility challenges and three power challenges which can be attempted and completed in any order. The hunt volatiles power challenge may only be attempted at night. Upon completion of all 9 challenges, the challenge issuer Bozak will invite Kyle Crane to find him at the top of a tower he had climbed earlier in a climbing challenge where he will attack Kyle and Kyle will be forced to kill him to complete the entire challenge storyline.

  • Power challenge: Hunt down 10 volatiles with a double-barrel shotgun.
  • Power challenge: Explode the gas tanks of 8 Gas Tanks with an assault rifle.
  • Power challenge: Kill 8 Biters within given time with takedowns only.
  • Agility challenge: Reach 6 checkpoints within given time without using grappling hook.
  • Agility challenge: Climb the tower within given time without using grappling hook.
  • Agility challenge: Climb another tower within given time without using grappling hook.
  • Agility challenge: Climb another tower within given time without using grappling hook.
  • Agility challenge: Reach 3 checkpoints within given time without using grappling hook or taking damage.
  • Agility challenge: Reach 6 crates located underwater within given time.


The mysterious Bozak is trying to persuade me to take up the challenge from this poster...Apparently there are more of these in the city and if I manage to complete all the tasks, I will be rewarded.

Find and Complete all Poster Challenges
Complete volatile challenge
Bozak is happy. I'm happy. Everyone's happy, except the Volatiles, who weren't very happy to begin with.

Complete explosive challenge
Bozak loves things that go boom, so things went very boombastic.

Complete stealth kill challenge
I had to test my silent assassin skills. It's now official: I am silent, but deadly.

Complete running challenge
Tough run, but I made it. I wonder how Bozak is watching me.

Complete climbing challenge
Monkey see, monkey do. Guess it was a nice view from atop that tower.

Complete climbing challenge
I sure did climb that tower. The question remains why...

Complete climbing challenge
It was thrilling. The height! The clouds in the distance! The fresh breeze without the smell of decay in my nostrils!

Complete agility challenge
Bozak told me to run, dodge or die, and I ran and dodged like a bat out of hell. Still, I get the strangest feeling this will not end well.
Complete swimming challenge
Bozak challenged me to find underwater crates. Don't really know what's inside, but my lungs did great!

Find Bozak
Kill Bozak


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