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"Protect Babar" is a Protect quest available in Dying Light. Babar Kizil is located in a rail shipping yard. He provides a side quest to protect him as he goes about seeking ingredients for a potion to cure him of his "licken-thrope" and to take him to a safe zone.

Babar carries a weapon and can defend himself. He will attack any zombie in his path, avoiding combat is impossible. He will enter a shophouse and obtain garlic as the first ingredient. Next, he will enter another shophouse nearby and obtain wolfsbane as the second ingredient. He will search the abandoned bazaar stands nearby and obtain cinnamon as the third and final ingredient. After making and drinking the potion, he claims he is cured and will head towards Brecken's Tower. A Goon will appear along the way and will need to be defeated. Upon reaching the tower, Babar will give Kyle Crane the Exorcist blueprint.

Conversation with BabarEdit

Upon meeting BabarEdit

Babar: "Forget about the zombies, there is something far more terrible! A living nightmare that walks among us!"

"Just calm down and tell me what's going on."

Babar: "I am Babar Kizil, and I am the victim of a most terrible, and ancient curse. I am a werewolf

"A what?"

Babar: a werewolfr. a liken-thrope You have seen the undead all around you/ Is it so unlikely that other such monsters are here as well? The nosferatu. The mummy. The queer. Dahlia, the witch, says I can be cured if I ingest a potion of garlic, wolfs bane and a teaspoon of cinnamon. Help me collect these things and get me to another safe zone. I will pay you very-very well."

Upon starting the questEdit

"Why do you need to reach another safe zone?"

Babar: "One of the survivors here... I think he's a ghoul. Also, they tell me I have to leave because I'm a crackpot. Tonight is the full moon. We haven't much time."

"Yes, I'd prefer not to drag this one out."

During the questEdit

Babar: "Garlic. The first ingredient. Good. We can move on."

"You're looking more human already."

Babar: "Wolf's bane. The bane of wolves. Now, for the final ingredient."

"Lets go. Babar, how did you become a werewolf?"

Babar: "Oh. Uh... The usual way. Not much to tell."

Babar: "There. A teaspoon of cinnamon. I have everything I need. Now, I will cure myself of this terrible curse."

"You may fire when ready."

Babar: "Oh my god! BRAAAHAAAAAAA! Oh! ...Ahh! That was disgusting!"

"Yes, it was!"

Babar: "Okay, I'm cured. Let's go."

Babar: "It is the Frankenstein monster. Be careful."

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