Protect Nick MapLocation

"Protect Nick" is a Protect quest available in Dying Light. It is offered by a former Rais's gang member Nick Pesto who wants to join Harris Brecken at The Tower after being kicked out of Rais's gang and tied up inside a van. Upon starting the quest, Nick will run to an overhead freeway that contains a loot bag that is guarded by two Rais's Men. Upon killing them, Nick will loot the bag which contains a ring and head to the next location. Along the way, there is a Viral that will have to be killed. Nick will reach the second location inside a building and obtain his missing passport inside a bookshelf. Nick will head to the tower. There is another Viral and a Goon that will have to be killed along the way. Nick will reach the tower and give Kyle Crane a Zappo blueprint as a reward.

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