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Pyza Suit Blueprint

Pyza suit is a gliding suit that can be crafted in Dying Light. The suit's blueprints can be obtained by finding the hidden purple block in the World 1-1 Easter egg.

It is considered a throwable weapon, if you equip it you can glide for a couple of seconds before gaining speed and taking a lot of fall damage.

It can be useful in Old Town for jumping from one building to other without using the grappling hook.

The suit is a reference to the Tanuki suit which appeared in Super Mario 3. However, Mario could glide slightly more before being forced to slowly fall. It functions similar to a Wing-Suit, it allows player to glide while in air for a duration and can be combo-ed with Dropkick to dropkick infected/humans farther away. The effect will NOT stack if more Pyza suits are created.

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