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"Barbarism is the natural state of mankind"
Rais' Men
Biographical information
Gender Male
Nationality Turkish
Status Active (Remnants)
Physical description
In-game information
Affiliations Rais (Leader, Deceased)
  • Tahir (Right hand, Deceased)
Appearances Dying Light

Rais' Men is a group of hostile survivors who appear in Dying Light. Served under Rais' control, they can be found on patrol, raiding Airdrops, attacking hostages, or transporting prisoners throughout Harran. You will also have to fight them several times during story missions.

They carry various melee weapons and sometimes have firearms. Many are seen wearing masks, clothing, and armor consisted of yellow and black.


Rais and his soldiers operate on a set of cruel values, and utilize the condition of having no civilizing influences or refined culture; ignorance or crudity. The rallying cry that they have adopted is from a quote by Robert E. Howard, which states that: "Barbarism is the natural state of mankind. Civilization is unnatural. It is a whim of circumstance. And barbarism must always ultimately triumph". If someone wants to join up with Rais, they has to eat a pair of human eyeballs, as told in the escort sidequest Poaching from Rais.

Combat Strategies Edit

  • They have a lot of health, and take quite a few hits, or even bullets to go down. They will often dodge your attacks, and block your throwing weapons if they have a melee weapon equipped. If they have firearms, they will use them, and often attract Virals to the area. This can be used to your advantage or disadvantage, as depending on your position, the virals will either attack you or the bandits.
  • If you are losing the fight, try to run away, as they often won't pursue you. They mainly just stand their ground.
  • Often Rais' thugs will be preoccupied with something, such as looting an Airdrop crate, beating up a Survivor, guarding a chest, just standing out in the open, or on top of a building. During these moments, you can throw in some explosives to catch them by surprise to thin their numbers, before confronting them head-on. But if you encounter them with a Survivor, it isn't a good idea to use explosives, if you want that person to stay alive and get your reward.
  • Elemental damage from fire and electricity works well against them, since fire and electricity will stun them to a helpless state. Dousing them with flammable or conductive liquids beforehand will allow you to damage several of them simultaneously.
  • Grappling the thugs to the ground or into a wall will immediately make them vulnerable to a finishing move.
  • Encountering Rais' Men at an Airdrop does not mean you have to fight to get the DROP - If none of them have firearms and you do, you merely have to aim down the sights of the gun and they will surrender, allowing you to take the drop with ease. They may attack when you attempt to leave, however.
  • Attract Biters, Virals, Volatiles, Goons, or even Demolishers to take them out by causing a commotion with firearms, grenades, bombs, exploding arrows, or Exploding Throwing Stars.

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Trivia Edit

  • If you point a firearm at them, they will put their hands up and surrender to you. However, if you shoot at them or switch to a melee weapon, they will attack you.
  • There are several of Rais's men who were infected and have turned into zombies, and are sometimes encountered.
  • In pre-release screenshots, Rais's men appear in a different appearance than in the final game. They appear to wear green-and-orange consisted clothing (almost like hunting clothing) and mainly masked. For examples, see the Gallery section of the page.
  • When it comes to fighting Rais's men, their combat style seems a bit strange. One of the few examples include their dodging and blocking occurring oddly too often, almost like they mastered fighting or they can sense the player's attacking before the player actually attacks. Another example is while they do take quite the hits from weapons, even powerful weapons such as axes and the double-barrel shotgun normally would've taken them down instantly instead of resisting them durably.
  • Oddly, when completing the game, Rais appears to have slaughtered all of his men, however, several pockets of Rais men can still be found afterwards in the streets of Old Town and the slums. This is probably because the player may not have the achievement/trophy to save fifteen survivors from Rais's men even after completion of the game.
  • The subtitles often refers to Rais's men as Bandit, Looter and Rais Soldier.
  • Although rais's men appear in the following expansion pack. They don't appear in random encounters, but instead appear in missions, the most notable being the granary and the end of the tunnel.
  • They seem to not only be active in the city but also in the countryside in which they harass I survivors in both areas.
  • Sometimes, when standing behind one, and they appear to have not noticed you, they can suddenly swing behind themselves which appears to be an attempt at a surprise attack.
  • Rais Men (And all other Human enemies) initially were immune to finishing moves like the Stomp, Air strike and stun kills. This is no longer true as of 2017, the stomp and air strike skills now kill them like they would with normal infected. This makes Tahir, Demolishers and Goons the only enemies immune to such moves as of now

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