Faruk Korkmaz, a cleaning product salesmen who asks Crane to escort him to the Tower.

Random Encounters are events that occur in Dying Light. Kyle Crane will receive an alert to a random encounter nearby while traversing the streets and alleys of Harran. Often, random survivors will need rescuing from infected or thugs. However, other times Crane will encounter survivors that will tell a story or provide him with information, or request an escort to safety.

Known encounters Edit

Lone survivor against infected Edit

Crane will be alerted a lone survivor either trapped inside a secure building or being mauled in the open. Should Crane rescue the survivor, they will provide a reward. A survivor caught in the open will then run to a nearby building; it is possible for them to be killed by infected following the encounter.

Two runners against infected Edit

Crane will encounter two runners attempting to fight a small horde of infected. Should Crane assist them, one will provide a reward before they both run off, often time in different directions. Both runners may be killed by infected following the encounter.

Taken hostage Edit

Crane will encounter a group of thugs holding two survivors hostage. He may kill the thugs and rescue the hostages, one of whom will provide a reward. The two then run off, often in different directions, and may be killed by infected.


Babar Kizil, a mentally ill man who requests an escort to the Tower.

Escort missions Edit

  • Ahmet - A former bandit who leads Crane to loot.
  • Babar Kizil - A self-perceived lycanthrope in need of herbs to cure him.
  • Faruk Korkmaz - A cleaning product salesman who needs help finishing his deliveries.
  • Nick Pesto - A tourist who needs his passport.
  • Omar Boz - A fisherman who needs to get to his favourite spot.

Random survivors Edit

  • Abdullah - A former businessman and owner of the Taurus gas stations. He laments his fall from grace to Crane.
  • Albert - A civil engineer formerly employed by the city to work on the sewers. He encourages Crane to utilise them for travel.
  • Bill - An enterprising American tourist.
  • Bob - A former disease control worker who entered the city with the Hazmat team. Abandoned his suit and took to the rooftops.
  • Damla - A film enthusiast lamenting on her lack of a 'happy ending'.
  • Gerritsen - A super-fan of Jade Aldemir who has lost her family.
  • Ibrahim - A former prisoner who reveals information on Tahir.
  • Johann - A German tourist abandoned by his friends while heavily intoxicated.
  • Macary - A drunkard who provides the A Baby is Born quest.
  • Murat - A survivor unhappy with the upper class.
  • Richie Vandercamp - A former public relations representative optimistic about the future.
  • Yilmaz - A possible former thug who reveals information on Kadir "Rais" Suleiman.
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