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Right Hand of gloVA is a throwing weapon that appears in Dying Light.


  • When thrown, it bounces around unpredictably. Only damages hostiles and does not harm user or friendlies. Viable in close quarters.
  • Deals electrical damage.
  • The weapon is found by locating two well hidden, inconspicuous black stones in Old Town, and placing these stones into the eye sockets of a skull. Upon doing this, a form of magic appears to occur, and the blueprints to craft the Right hand of gloVA will appear. This may be another reference to Dead Island, in which 6 colored skulls can be found and aligned on the map to form a Pentagram, for which the reward is Developer Crafts, one of these crafts being the Left hand of gloVA.
  • Is invisible when dropped, but still makes its very distinct bouncing noise when it is dropped.

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