Dying light rocket
Biographical information
Full name Unknown
Gender Male
Nationality British
Status Deceased
Physical description
Hair Black
Eyes Green
In-game information
Affiliations Kadir "Rais" Suleiman
Location Slums
Appearances The Best Runner (Dying Light)

Rocket is a character featured in Dying Light.

Biography Edit

Events in Dying Light Edit

He is a member of Rais' Gang found in the slums of Harran. He is found hiding inside a shanty house near the Tower, and calls out to Kyle Crane in the hopes of challenging him to a series of agility courses.

Over the course of The Best Runner challenges, he appears to grow more impressed with Crane's abilities and treats him with more respect.

When beginning the final challenge, Rocket will comment to Crane that it will be the last race because his bosses are getting suspicious. Once the challenge is completed, Crane will be brought back to Rocket's location as normal, but Rocket is found dead. Crane comments that he was a pain but "deserved better," hinting that Rocket was killed for his association with Crane.

Challenges Edit

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