“Wow... So... Correct me if I'm wrong - but I'm getting better, and you're getting worse!”
The Rocket
Location Outskirts of The Tower
Affiliation Rais
Quest(s) Agility Challenge

Rocket is a character who appears in Dying Light. He offers Crane agility challenges -- mainly challenging the player's grappling hook abilities.


Rocket is an eager and enthusiastic young Runner with Rais's Thugs, and despite working with them, he seems friendly or at least competitive. Towards the end of Rocket's challenge, he seems to be more accepting of Crane's skill, and makes his trials considerably harder.


The Best Runner
The best - according to his own opinion - of Rais' runners, someone called Rocket, has challenged me. He's determined to prove that he's better than me. This could be a refreshing experience... -Crane

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