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Rupert is a character in Dying Light.

You first hear of Rupert when looking for Jade if you speak to Fidan again. Upon doing this, Fidan will give you the quest "Rupert the Gunsmith". As the quest's title suggests, Rupert is a gunsmith, and will later give you weapons. He can be found in a daycare taking care of children by himself, and when you complete the quest given to you by Fidan, he will give you the quest "Health Potion" if spoken to again. Only after you complete this quest will he return to his shop where he will give you free guns to thank you for helping him.

Trivia Edit

  • Rupert pretends to be a wizard protecting the kids from "dark magic".
  • Two of the kids in the daycare can give side quests as well as Rupert.
  • Rupert's wife, Jasmine is located in the basement, infected. You kill her during the side quest given to you from one of the children in the day care.

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