A Safe Zone is an area within Dying Light where the infected cannot gain access to. They are protected by UV Lighting to prevent Volatiles from entering or getting too close and often have other defensive measures such as barbed wire, electricity traps, or are positioned in otherwise inaccessible locations for the infected.

Safe Zones are represented by a green house symbol on the game map. Most feature beds which allow the player to skip to morning/evening, a player stash bag to access a larger inventory, and a bounty board to access challenges. Many larger safe zones also have stores, side quests, and in some cases a quartermaster. Safe Zones that have not been unlocked yet appear on the map as a red house symbol, and often require the player to kill several Biters, block an infected friendly entrance, and activate the power via a fuse box or breaker switch. The Safe Zone will become safe only when all the requirements have been met.

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