Biographical information
Gender Male
Nationality Turkish
Status Deceased
Physical description
Career information
Out-of-Universe information
Dying Light Appearance Dying Light
Salim is a character in Dying Light. He is a minor antagonist who appears in side quest Where's My Mother? as a boss fight. Initially, he pretended to offer Aida a way to prevent her from turning after a zombie bite. When Aida realized he actually wanted to capture her and torture her inside his workshop basement, Aida quickly shouted at her son and daughter to flee while Aida is captured and imprisoned inside Salim's workshop basement. Aida's son Jamil went to hide inside a café and bar, while her daughter Yasmina made it back to Fishermen's Village. Kyle Crane came to hear of Salim first from Yasmina, then from Jamil as he was trying to find Aida and her children after agreeing to help Aida's sister Meliha at Fishermen's Village.

Following the directions from Jamil, Kyle arrived at Salim's workshop and demanded to see Aida. Realizing that Kyle won't leave until he has Aida, Salim starts an intruder alarm system at his workshop. The loud noise attracts several waves of Virals and Kyle has to kill them. Upon seeing that Kyle is still alive outside and the alarm fails to attract any additional virals, he rushes out to attack him with a melee weapon and will end up being killed .

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