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Biographical information
Name Salma Tolgan
Gender Female
Nationality Harran Native
Family Dawud Tolgan (husband, deceased)

Sammy Tolgan (son)

Status Presumed Deceased
Physical description
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Career information
Affiliations The Tower
Out-of-Universe information
Dying Light Appearance Dying Light

Salma is a character who appears in Dying Light. She is the wife of Dawud Tolgan and the mother of Sammy Tolgan.

Salma is one of the first residents of the Tower to speak to Kyle Crane. Unlike the other Tower residents, who are initially cold to Kyle due to his rescue resulting in the death of Amir Ghoreyshi, Salma attempts to be helpful to Crane and explains to him what is going on. She mentions that she is the Tower's 18th infected person, with Crane being the 31st.

Later on, during the side-quest Gunslinger, her husband Dawud takes her son Sammy and leaves the Tower by force using a gun given to him by Crane. Salma explains that Dawud wished to take Sammy and find a safer place to live, while Salma was against the idea, and that the two of them had been fighting about it for weeks. She explains that she and her husband have been estranged for a long time. A note found in Dawud's pawn shop indicates she may have been the victim of domestic violence. A regretful Crane vows to find Dawud and return Sammy to his mother.

Dawud fails to find a safer place to live in Old Town, and in fact ends up getting attacked and bitten by a zombie. He manages to hide his son and send out a distress call before turning; Crane receives the call, kills the zombified Dawud, and rescues Sammy. With her son returned to her, Salma remembers her dead husband as a flawed man, but not an evil man, and notes that he loved his son and died protecting him.


  • By the time of the events of The Following, Salma is mostly likely dead due to Crane either setting off a nuclear bomb or simply failing to return with anything that could replace the now depleted Antizin.

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