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Quest Type Main Quest
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"Siblings" is a quest available in Dying Light.

Characters Edit

Objectives Edit

Hunt down a Bolter during the night and get a tissue sample for Dr. Zere


Dr. Zere will mark common Bolter feeding locations on your map. Once you know where they are, wait for daytime (if at night) and travel to the nearest safe zone by a feeding ground. Clear out the zombies in the immediate area, then wait for night. With luck, a bolter will be feeding right by the zone. Dash out, sneak up behind it, and kill it with a blow from a high-level melee weapon. Grab the flesh and dash back to the safe zone to wait for daylight - or run back to Dr. Zere.

Tips Edit

  • The survival skill Camouflage is very useful to hide yourself from Volatiles that may be nearby
  • You can use your regular flashlight to scout out the area around the Bolter prior to sneaking up from behind
  • See the following tips on Bolter Hunting

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