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Quest Type Main Quest
Objectives Find Antizin in the school,

Track down and kill a Bolter during the night in order to collect its tissue and bring it to Dr. Zere, Find Rahim in the Warehouse, Plant the explosives in the Demolition Zone, Return to the Tower

Previous Pact With Rais
Next The Pit

"Siblings" is the fifth story quest available in Dying Light.

Characters Edit

Objectives Edit

Jade knows where we might be able to get more Antizin. I'm supposed to meet her in one of the box cars near the school.

Meet with Jade in the boxcar
Rais's men turned a school building into a supply depot, and Jade thinks if we sneak in we might be able to find some Antizin. Brecken would never let us try anything this dangerous, but at least it's not as crazy as Rahim's plot to blow up that volatile hive. Anyway, Jade's waiting for me near the school. I better hurry.

Find an entrance into the school
Saw Tahir at the school. He and his men were hauling all kinds of stuff out of there. The hell are they up to? I mean the fucker executed some survivors in front of us. Nearly saw us. Time to sneak into the building. I hope there's some Antizin in there somewhere.

Get inside the school
Look for Antizin
Turn off the alarm
Search the place for Antizin
Meet Jade in Storage C
Eliminate Rais's thugs
Shit... Jade and I went looking for Antizin and found explosives instead. Now we need to get the hell out of here before Tahir comes back.

Leave the school
Meet with Jade back at the Tower
Jade called me. She's taking the explosives to Sa'id. She wanted me to talk to Rahim about the volatile hive and how she wants him to stay the hell away from it.

Talk to Rahim about the hive
I talked to Rahim. I admire his determination, but he's too damn young. Plant explosives and blow up a volatile hive for his first mission? I hope I got that stupid idea out of his head. Now I should ask Dr. Zere about that weird Infected I saw in front of the school... maybe figure out how to get my hands on his research.

Talk to Zere about the strange Infected at the school
Zere asked me to bring him a sample from that bolter I saw in front of the school. He said they've been spotted in specific areas of the city, so I should focus my search in those places. He also said I needed to get that sample back to him while it was still fresh, so I gotta move.

Sneak close to a Bolter during the night and get a tissue sample
Let Zere examine the sample
Finally hunted one of those suckers down. Slippery bastard. Unlike me, they never get tired.

Look for Rahim on the overpass
Rahim and his friend took the explosives and tried to take out the hive on their own! Now I gotta find them before they get themselves killed!

Check the last point of contact with Rahim
Search the bodies
I found Omar's body on the overpass. Rahim must have gotten away. At least I hope so. I told him to hide in the train yard, so there's a chance he's still alive.

Check the trainyard buildings for Rahim
Look for Rahim
Kill enemies near the railroad track
Talk to Rahim
I found Rahim. He's alive, but he cut his leg and he's bleeding like a stuck pig. What's worse - he already armed both bombs! Now I've gotta leave him here while I go place these charges in the nest.

Place the bombs in the Volatiles' nest
Leave the nest before it explodes
We did it! We blew the building, destroyed the nest and every volatile in there. Now I just need to get Rahim back to the Tower.

Help Rahim get back to the Tower
Rahim is dead. He lied to me about that bite, because he wanted to blow up that fucking building. I don't know what the hell I'm gonna tell Jade.

Talk to Brecken about Rahim's death
I told Brecken about what happened to Rahim and Jade overheard every word. She ran off before I could stop her.


Dr. Zere will mark common Bolter feeding locations on your map. Once you know where they are, wait for daytime (if at night) and travel to the nearest safe zone by a feeding ground. Clear out the zombies in the immediate area, then wait for night. With luck, a bolter will be feeding right by the zone. Dash out, sneak up behind it, and kill it with a blow from a high-level melee weapon. Grab the flesh and dash back to the safe zone to wait for daylight - or run back to Dr. Zere.

Tips Edit

  • The survival skill Camouflage is very useful to hide yourself from Volatiles that may be nearby
  • You can use your regular flashlight to scout out the area around the Bolter prior to sneaking up from behind
  • See the following tips on Bolter Hunting