Dying light spike
Biographical information
Name Rudolph
Nickname(s) Spike
Gender Male
Nationality African
Status Alive (Campaign)
Unknown/Presumed Deceased (Following)
Physical description
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Career information
Occupation Runner for The Tower
Weapons Expert
Affiliations Runners
Out-of-Universe information
Dying Light Appearance Dying Light
Actor(s) Kevin Daniels

Spike is a character, quartermaster, and runner in Dying Light.


Life Prior to Outbreak Edit

Upon speaking to Haluk, a man who rented a room to Spike, he reveals a few details about Spike including his age (currently 49, soon to be 50) as well as his teaching position at the University of Southern California. At the University, he took a sabbatical to Harran due to an "incident" with a young co-ed. The co-ed's parents had accusations that it was an affair, but this was not the case. Haluk also reveals to Crane that his real name is Rudolph.

Dying LightEdit

Spike can be found in a building outside of Dr. Zere's trailer. He introduces himself to Crane and reveals that he is responsible for setting up traps in the streets as well as safe-zones throughout the city for the Tower's scouts to use while out on missions. In the mission First Assignment, Spike sends Crane out to set up the traps used to clear the routes for Brecken and his runners when they return with the airdrop. Spike coaches Crane through resetting the traps in the city, reminding him of weapons useful in distracting the infected long enough to complete his tasks.

After Crane secures a safe zone for Brecken coached by Jade and contacting the GRE about the recent events, Crane resumes into setting up the light traps. When Crane reaches the light traps, one of the switches busts out, caused the entire district's power to short out. Spike directed him toward for the power distribution panel to reset the grid. After Crane encounters a goon and resets the power, night times arrives and Spike urges him to return to the secured safe zone.

The next morning, Spike discusses with Crane that he thanks him for setting up the traps and he is more than welcome to come talk to him about anything. For his work, he gives Crane a UV flashlight and a trap activator. Despite his efforts, he tells him that Brecken had failed getting the drop due to a rival opponent. He also tells Crane that every scout including him was called back by Jade to the tower.

Spike can be later found at the playing court containing Dr. Zere's trailer and serves as a quartermaster, supplying Crane with free weapons and materials.

After Crane returns from the school with Jade Aldemir, Spike will radio Crane and let him know that he has temporarily relocated to the Ferry Station to help Morgan prepare the barge.

After traveling to Sector 0, Spike can be found as a quartermaster among the group of survivors located at the University of Harran safe zone.


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