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A Stamina Booster is a utility item in Dying Light. It gives Crane a temporary stamina boost. While under effects of the booster, your melee attacks will not consume any combat stamina, although you will still use stamina while running.

Usage Edit

This Herb combination will give players will increase the amount of powerful blows they can deliver to foes, and give their sprint ability a slight boost. This increases a player's effectiveness in combat.

Stamina greatly increases a player's combat and movement capabilities, giving them an edge in fight or flight situations. It's also highly useful for abnormally difficult fights, such as tougher zombies or large numbers of human opponents.

Stamina is valuable for evading Volatile pursuits. Should the player be spotted, this Booster will let them outrun pursuers without worrying about stopping as much. Combined with the Night Vision and Speed or Toughness Boosters, players will have the perfect combo for night missions.

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