"Stranger in a Strange Land" is the fourth story quest of The Following in Dying Light.

To progress with this quest you must increase your 'trust rank', which can be seen in the menu to the right of 'skills'. The easiest way to increase this rank is to complete side quests, find and identify missing persons, and complete random events such as defending altars and survivors, as well as killing bandits when prompted.

Characters Edit

Objectives Edit

The locals seem to be protected by a local shaman-type called the Mother. She only communicates through her priests, though. They're called The Faceless, and if I want to get in touch with them, I'll have to earn these people's trust. So I'd better help out the farmers any way I can.

Try to help the locals.
Ask Bilal about Buggy repairs.
Help the locals in order to get noticed by The Faceless.
Return to Jasir.
Speak with The Faceless.


The name of the quest may be a reference to Iron Maiden's 1986 dated single, Stranger in a Strange Land.

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