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"When the infection started to spread, a group of people tried to take refuge in a local supermarket. They gathered resources, secured what they could and waited for rescue, which never came. The broadcasting system lured the infected to the market center. They quickly found their way inside, attacking any survivors, and leaving the supplies to rot."
—Loading Screen
The Stuffed Turtle is a quarantine zone challenge available in Dying Light located in the Slums. It is notably the
Stuffed Turtle

The Stuffed Turtle.

easiest and smallest quarantine zone in the game, ripe for farming disaster relief supply packages

The Stuffed Turtle is a large grocery store situated near several large apartment buildings and a radio tower safe zone. It can be easily identified by a continually repeating prerecorded message advertising the store, but also attracting hordes of infected from the outside. 

The interior of the Stuffed Turtle consists of a large open space lined with many shelves and check-out counters. The floor has been partially flooded with electrified water. As a result, the player must carefully jump from shelf to shelf or use a grappling hook, avoiding the water until they reach a fuse box towards the back of the room. Upon switching it off, the electricity cannot be turned back on due to the switch breaking down. 

Once the electricity is deactivated, the player may then proceed to collect the three disaster relief supply packages scattered on the shelves and the lockpicks nearby the switch. Behind an easy locked door, the backroom contains the remaining two supply packages, but also a small horde of biters. One package is in a lunch room, partially blocked off by a makeshift barrier while the other one is in a small office where a bomber lurks within. 

Two GRE crates are behind a hard-locked door and a locker with a hard lock is in a cafe area if an interested player wants additional loot. However, great care must be taken as virals will keep spawning when standing near the hard-locked door to the GRE crates.

Tactics Edit

  • Some of the cash registers can be looted to yield variating amounts of money. Two can be found around the checkout aisles while another two are in the back of the store. There is also an ATM nearby the checkout aisles, buried under a pile of shopping carts, in which looting it can yield at least $300. 
  • A handful of lockpicks are scattered around, some of which are on a counter near the power switch and one is at the entrance of the store. 
  • If the player is low-leveled and wishes to avoid fighting, it may be best to throw some firecrackers upon opening the back door and use the distraction to quickly grab the supply packages, though bearing in mind of the water which can render the firecrackers useless and the bomber of which is hiding near a package. 
  • A radio can be switched on in the lunch room to make the bomber explode without contact. However, this will attract the biters and they will surround the makeshift barrier if they were not dispatched earlier. 


Disaster Relief Supply PackagesEdit

GRE CratesEdit


Dying Light Stuffed Turtle Quarantine Zone

Dying Light Stuffed Turtle Quarantine Zone