Biographical information
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Physical description
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Height 6'2" (1.88 m)
Career information
Occupation Right-Hand Man (Rais)

Chief Enforcer

Affiliations Rais's Men
Partner(s) Rais
Out-of-Universe information
Dying Light Appearance Dying Light
Actor(s) Michael Benyaer
Tahir is a character and the secondary antagonist in Dying Light, as well as the game's second major boss fight.

He serves as Rais's right-hand man, chief enforcer and one of two sub-leaders for the bandit faction other sub-leader is Karim. He is responsible for commanding and coordinating air drop recovery parties, tax payments and such.

Biography Edit

Life Prior to the Outbreak Edit

Accordingly, a survivor named Ibrahim (who reveals this information to the player) used to be in the same prison cell with Tahir for many years, indicating that Tahir was a criminal during his previous years. He explains that Tahir survived and thrived behind bars and even unleashed a kind of brutality "one sees among wild animals". One time, a five-man group armed with shanks tried to cut Tahir's throat, but he successfully overwhelmed and brutally damaged the group with their own weapons to the point where the group had to be identified by dental records. He concludes for Crane to be cautious with Tahir as he is a "beast in the shape of a man".

Events of Dying Light Edit

In the early story, he is first encountered by Crane after he and his men mistaken Crane for an airdrop. After warning Crane about his firearm drawing noises, him and his men catch him off guard and beat him up until Crane kills one of his men with his sidearm, resulting Tahir and the remaining bandits retreating.

During Pact with Rais, Tahir haults Crane (believing to be another survivor due to his changed clothing) while Rais is busy dealing with Osman. While Rais severs one of Osman's hands with a Hook Blade, Tahir questions Crane if he had seen him before, in which no response occurs. After Rais speaks, Tahir tells Crane to talk to Karim about receiving Antizin.

In Siblings, Tahir and his men are heard hauling crates of explosives for hours from the school. While Crane and Jade watch, they see Tahir initially holding some survivors by hostage after a vehicle is driven to the parking lot. After the hostages try to escape, Tahir shoots all of them them down with his pistol and escapes in the vehicle Tahir re-appears again during The Pit, where he is seen drawing his sidearm at Zere's head as him and Rais take Zere and Crane hostage.

Tahir's final appearance is during The Museum, where he is sent down to kill Crane after he respectfully kills the infected Jade. From this point, Tahir is served as a boss fight, where the player must kill him. After defeating him and some of Rais' Men, Tahir is shown resting up against a pillar, with part of Zere's research next to him. While Crane searches for the research, Tahir refuses information about it. In the end, Tahir is finally killed by Crane when his throat is slashed with his own machete.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Tahir makes his appearance as a towering individual; he is even taller than Kyle Crane. He is shown wearing painted armor with a bullet chain necklace, one glove on his hand, bands around his wrist, knee-armoured pants, and combat boots. He also has enormous strength, being able to knock down and temporarily stun the player. Tahir is indicated to be middle-aged, having streaks of grey in his black hair, as well as having a trimmed beard and short hair.

He has an undying loyalty to Rais, and also has a sadistic, violent personality, as shown in the beginning of the game, when he tells his subordinates to break Kyle's legs.

Combat Edit

Tahir serves as the game's second major boss fight, and is fought at the end of the main quest The Museum, towards the end of the game. As with the earlier Demolisher boss fight, the player's weapons and equipment are removed just prior to facing him. As a result, there is no way to heal in the middle of the fight as the player's medkits have been removed.

Tahir has an impressive 2000 health (on par with a Volatile or Rank 3 Goon) and wields a personal military machete, as well as throwing knives. Defeating him requires about 13 hits from the player's given panga machete. Tahir fights similar to Rais' other soldiers, although his fighting style is slightly different to reflect his larger physique. He is very skilled at blocking attacks, and will toss throwing knives if the player dodges out of melee range. When his health is reduced to about half, he will summon several of Rais' Men into the room to assist him; however, these opponents can be dispatched with a couple hits each from the player's machete, and Tahir tends to hang back and slowly approach the player instead of rushing in alongside his men.

During the boss fight, leveled weapons can be looted from the two duffle bags in the room. If the player is at a sufficiently high Survivor Level, these weapons can be significantly stronger than the given panga machete and make the boss fight much easier. At the maximum Survivor Level of 25, random looted weapons will have a damage output of 600 to 700 and can kill Tahir in as little as 3 hits (though the player will still have to get past Tahir's blocks to land the hits).

Trivia Edit

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