Techland is the Polish game company responsible for the creation of the Dying Light, the Dead Island games, and the Call of Juarez series. It was founded in 1991 by Pawel Marchewka. It currently consists of 231 employees.

Games Released(order of release)(IN MAINTENANCE) Edit

(game, date, genre, platform(s)): Edit

Crime City (2000, Action, Microsoft Windows)

Chess 2001(2001, Simulation, Microsoft Windows)

Mission: Humanity (2001, Real-time Strategy, Microsoft Windows)

Speedway Championships (2001, Sim Racing, Microsoft Windows)

Survival: The Ultimate Challenge (2001, Strategy & Simulation, Microsoft Windows)

Bridge 3000 (2001, Simulation, Microsoft Windows)

Pet Racer (2001, Racing, Microsoft Windows)

Pet Soccer (2002, Sports, Microsoft Windows)

Indiana Jack (2002, Platforming, Microsoft Windows)

FIM Speedway Grand Prix (2002, Racing, Microsoft Wincows)

Hen on Fire: Kurminator (2002, Shooter, Microsoft Windows)

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