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The Countryside is the primary location in The Following. It is as large as the Old Town and Slums areas combined[1]. Within this zone The Following expansion pack takes place; with new easter eggs, blueprints, weapons, a buggy, new story quests, and dozens of side quests.

Notable Places Edit

Despite its size the area doesn't have a huge amount of notable places, this is possibly due to the locations simply having more space between them due to the buggy being added to make travelling faster.

Jasir's Farm Edit

Jasir is one of the first characters that Crane meets when he leaves Harran, his farm is the first safe zone encountered when following the story quests and it is the staging ground for the majority of the story quests for the rest of the expansion pack.

Pumping Station Edit

Following the main story quests will lead Crane to the pumping station located slightly north west of Jasir's farm. The station has been attacked by bandits/infected (which?) and must be cleared out to allow the water system to once again supply Jasir's farm and other nearby settlements.

Bilal's Gas Station Edit

Bilal is the only quartermaster in The Countryside area and can be found at his gas station towards the north east of the map.



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