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The Saviors
Game: Dying Light
Place: Sewers, Harran
Previous Mission: The Pit
Next Mission: Find the Embers
Quests: Follow Cenk,

Navigate through the Sewers, Survive Rais's men's ambush, Enter Old Town


"The Saviors" is the seventh story quest available in Dying Light. This is a long quest that marks the player's transition into Old Town out of the Slums. It is a journey through a tract of sewers.


Jade hooked up with a group called "The Saviors" - apparently they can get people to Sector 0. I gotta find them and locate her contact - a man named Cenk.

Locate the people who can take you to Sector 0
At first Cenk was reluctant to even talk to me, but after I mentioned what I did to Rais, the Saviors decided to give me a hand. They'll help me get to Sector 0.

Find the tunnel leading out of the Slums
Meet the Saviors in the tunnel
Follow your guide
Talk to Hazan
Follow the marked path to Sector 0
Survive the ambush
Saviors my ass. Bastards are working for Rais. They ambushed me, and I barely got past them... So much for trusting people.

Find your way to Sector 0