Throwing Knife
Throwing knife types image
(From left to right) Military Throwing Knife, DIY Throwing Knife
Gameplay information
Weapon Type Throwing (Weapon)
Out-of-Universe information
Appearance Dying Light
Throwing Knives are a type of throwing weapon featured in Dying Light.

Variants Edit

There are two types of Throwing Knife available in the base game:

Variant Image
DIY Throwing Knife
DIY Throwing Knife
Military Throwing Knife
Military Throwing Knife

The Following adds three variants of Throwing Knife:

Military Throwing Knife
  • Extravagant Throwing Knife
  • Fabulous Throwing Knife (x2)
  • Legendary Throwing Knife

Trivia Edit

  • In real life, Throwing Knives are a type of weaponry that were specially designed and weighted so that it can be thrown efficiently. This is used in many cultures and is used in actual Knife Throwing.
  • Every Bandit in-game always throws a Military Throwing Knife.
  • During the game's climax, Rais's tosses a Military Throwing Knife at Crane's collarbone, which injures him.

Gallery Edit

The Following Variants Edit

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