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Tobias J. Bagwell
Tobias at his Fishermen's Village workshop.
Location Fishermen's Village
Old Town
Affiliation Anti-zombie weapons maker
Quest(s) Ultimate Weapon

Tobias is a character who appears in Dying Light. After the main mission Pact with Rais when Kyle Crane finishes his task of unlocking Fishermen's Village as a Safe Zone and collecting his payment from Gursel, Tobias may be found at his workshop by the river. He offers Kyle a set of power challenges where he needs Kyle's help to test a variety of different experimental prototype weapons for him on the various zombies in Harran.

After finishing the set of power challenges at Fishermen's Village, Tobias will relocate to a workshop in Old Town where he offers an additional set of power challenges to Kyle to help him test another set of different experimental prototype weapons on the zombies in Old Town. Upon completion of all power challenges and the Ultimate Weapon challenge, Tobias will give Kyle a machete and will be available as a trader at his workshop in Old Town for the rest of the game.


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