Dying light toygar
Biographical information
Full name Toygar
Gender Male
Nationality Turkish
Physical description
Hair Bald (Greying)
Eyes Brown
In-game information
Affiliations Harris Brecken
Location The Tower (Slums)
Appearances Awakening (Dying Light)

Toygar is a character featured in Dying Light.

Biography Edit

Events of Dying Light Edit

He is a resident of the Tower and can be found in the lobby. He will appear by the bulletin board after Kyle Crane begins working for Kadir "Rais" Suleiman. He posts a total of five quests on the board which Crane may complete.

Firstly, he requests that someone retrieve herbs in order to combat the stench of rotting corpses. Next, he asks that a runner bring back lighter gas for him, before requesting coffee to help keep the guards awake. He then asks for electronic parts, and then for gauze to treat the wounded.



Notes Edit

  • Toygar offers a total of five different quests which involve gathering various items and delivering them to him through notices on the bulletin board. Completion of all five quests are required for The Whole Story achievement/trophy.

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