Traps are a gameplay element featured in Dying Light. In-game, they are used to provide tactical options in situations, such as fighting off the infected or distracting them.

Overview Edit



Within the city, there are many barricades and traps that have been made by various survivors within the environment, who were trying to hold back the infected. As sad as it is to think, it's possible that some of those survivors are now joined in within the infected population and while there isn't anything that can be done about that, the positive side is that the traps are available and how they can be learned to use them to their fullest.

Traps are first seen in First Assignment, starting with the Car Trap. From there, you are able to unlock the Survivor abilities for Electric Fences and Exploding Cars at a latter point to your advantage for survival. Sometimes with traps like Car Traps and Electric Traps, they can be used with a Activator remote given by Spike after completing First Assignment so that it can be used at anytime, even during a pursuit at night. Some traps are also quite useful for distractions among the infected.

Types of TrapsEdit

Car Traps Edit

Car Traps are one of the more common traps placed in the city. When activated, the trap will omit a loud alarm for the infected to be distracted with, before the trap releases an powerful electric pulse explosion on any nearby infected. These types of traps are quite useful for escaping pursuits at night, or just escaping in general during the day by Biters or Virals beware as these can also kill you.

Electric Traps Edit

Electric Traps appear in various ways. One of the common designs are Electric Fence traps, which is placed horizontally on the ground and can be found placed in front of random entrances such as alleyways. Alternate electric traps include Electric Generator traps and Electric Switch traps, which are consisted of cords from either generators or utility poles being placed into a puddle of water. When activated, it electrifies and kills any enemies standing in the trap/puddle once lured in with a distractful electric noise.

Light TrapsEdit

Light Traps are UV-modified street lamps that serve a purpose more for the night than during the day. When activated, the trap turns on and creates a UV-brightened area which can be useful against night infected such as Volatiles, Night Walkers, or even the Night Hunter by disorienting them for a few seconds though during the day they can be used to distract infected with the noise.

Spike Traps Edit

Spike Traps are varied in-game. Some of the designs include spiked barrels, sets of spikes placed onto vehicles and barricades, spiked walls, etc. Spiked Traps are generally used for having the infected kicked or thrown into the trap and instantly killing them. Spiked walls can be used to the player's advantage by sliding underneath it and having the chased infected killed by the spikes. In Be the Zombie, this can be also used for a disadvantage when the Night Hunter tackles you into a spike trap and killing you instantly.

Fire Traps Edit

Fire Traps are gasoline puddles, spilled from a gas canister on the ground. When activated by fire elements (ex. flame-modded melee weapon, molotov, firecrackers, etc) or shooting at it, it will ignite and burn any standing enemies in the puddle to their demise. This can be helpful for dealing with hordes, as the flames can attract the infected into the area. Barrels and canisters can be used by damaging them or shooting it, where any nearby enemy in its path will be blown apart by the explosion. While puddles don't make noise, barrels and canisters can be a disadvantage as it can create noise caused from the explosion.

Explosive Traps Edit

Explosive Traps such as barrels and canisters can be both a advantage and a disadvantage. Activation can occur when damaging it or by shooting it. An advantage being is that when exploded, it will kill any nearby enemy in its path and blowing them apart. The disadvantage of this trap is that the explosion will cause noise and can attract Virals or even more infected like hordes.

Trivia Edit

  • According to Spike the Light Trap is three times brighter than a normal street light.

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