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"Disguise yourself as one of the quarantine's criminals and show them who's the tough guy around here."

Troublemaker Outfit is a downloadable content outfit available in Dying Light exclusively on Xbox One. The outfit is purely aesthetic and offers no gameplay advantages or a true 'disguise.'


Troublemaker outfit
Crane wears a pseudo-modernized "punk" get up which gives him a rebellious and devious appearance. A red bandana is tied across his face, hiding his identity. Over his torso, he is sporting a blue denim vest with a black undershirt. The vest itself is sleeveless and unzipped, with a chain that trails along the back of Crane's neck. Steel studs and small patches adorn the front of the vest; Some anarchist symbolism and skull and cross bones can be seen on the patches. Unlike other outfits, the torch on the shoulder is not duck taped on, rather it is put through the shoulder strap. On the back of the vest is a motto which reads: "Punks Not Dead" in a graffiti style text. The vest is slightly riddled with scratches and scuffs. Crane has a black, fingerless glove on his right hand only, with orange dots on the knuckles, and his electronic watch on his opposite wrist.

Crane's pants are red-dyed, stonewashed denim pants with rips, stains and weathering. They are visually tight, and have zippers on the outsides for tightening. A black studded belt holds his pants in place, and is a tad too long as there is extra belt hanging out. A small, white, and slightly rotated anarcho-punk circle-A symbol is visible on the upper right leg. Just below this is a horizontal black patch, with white text that reads: "Make love, not war", which is a 1960s anti-war slogan, used ironically. On his left leg, an assortment of studs is aligned in an arrow shape, pointing down the leg. All the pockets are also lined with black studs. The shoes Crane wears are steel cap toes, with black shoes and silver laces.

The full outfit has an Anarcho-syndicalist color scheme: black and red. Black is the traditional color of anarchism, and red is the traditional color of socialism.


  • The outfit appears to be a re-skinned version of the Survivor outfit.
  • The tied together ends of the bandana stick horizontally out so they do not clip into the player when looking up.