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Troy is a character in Dying Light. She is located in Old Town and is one of the Embers alongside Savvy.

Troy will initially contact Crane over the radio to introduce her group when Crane is returning to Rais after having fixed the second antenna transmitter in Pact with Rais.

Upon first entry into the Old Town, Troy will point Crane over to the Embers' safehouse location in Find the Embers. Upon arrival at the location and first meeting with her, Troy will provide Crane with Jade's last known location at the University. After that, Troy will ask for Crane to return to the Sector 0 safehouse to watch a TV news broadcast which reports on the GRE intending to firebomb the whole of Harran. Troy will then request Crane to find Michael and attempt a controlled detonation of several explosives in a high-rise apartment building by offering the main storyline mission Public Face.

After that, Troy will ask about Jade and express her condolences through the radio when Crane has gone to meet with Jade and eventually has to kill her at the museum. Troy will then move to the top of another safehouse location and ask to meet Crane there. Upon meeting her, she will request Crane to make a last attempt to abort the GRE's intended bombing run by proceeding to the tallest antenna tower in Harran and installing an amplifier Savvy created in the main storyline mission Broadcast. She will remain at the top of this alternative safehouse location for the rest of the game.

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