A couple of days ago, I went to Chapters and I got two books. You may be wondering, what's so special about that?

Well, aside from getting a book about the film Zootopia (honestly, I really love that film), I got a book about Dying Light. That book about Dying Light, is the Dying Light Official Game Guide.

When I was reading the guide, there's actually some things I noticed that not only could be very helpful for the wiki, but there's some things that were in the guide that weren't in the game.

For example, I noticed about three or four firearms different than in the final game, and one of them not in the game at all.

  • The German 9mm Pistol in the Guide looks more akin to an USP than a P226/USP hybrid. Also, the pistol didn't have the barrel sight.
  • There was one pistol (it didn't say what it was) that was shown that resembled a Desert Eagle with a heat rail on the barrel. This was one of the firearms apparently cut from the game, but for reasons why it was cut remains unknown. I remember that this pistol was shown in one of the 2014 trailers for when the game was in development, but it can seen for about a second.
  • The Police and Military Rifles had different apperances. The Police Rifle, instead of it being an SG 556/ACR hybrid, looked more like a SIG SG 551/552 than the hyrbid shown in the final game. The Military Rifle resembled a hybrid of a HK416 with a G36C-styled rail top carry handle with sights on top, instead of the ACR-esque design.
  • Also, The Following's Semi-Automatic Shotgun and Hunting Shotgun appeared in the Guide's Shotgun section. 

Also, in the weapon section, there's example renders of the melee weapons (although, not all of them) such as the Swords, Pipes, Picks, Blades, etc.

Thought this might help out the wiki big time with this guide book. ^^

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