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    May 15, 2015 by Delta Force Tom

    in the editor I found meshes for a lot of unused guns a tec9, an UZI/MP7 hybrid, 3 pump action and semi auto shotguns, a military rife with stock of a police rife and a 44.mag style revolver. dose this mean guns where supposed to play a bigger part like dead island if so why where they cut. most meshes didn't have models to go with them but one shotgun and the military rifle with solid stock did, is there any way to make textures and models for these meshes. or will they be forever forgotten. Personally id love to have guns play a bigger part as its a great game and its let down by the fact guns aren't as viable as melee. so lets skip the anti gun people saying this game is more about melee blah, blah, blah I know this but It looks like g…

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