Wow, talk about progress. First off, I'd like to thank Alex Lioce for his many edits and abundance of information added to much lacking pages. I'd also like to give a shoutout to Gearsofhalowarfare for his additions of much needed links and descriptions to many pages.

We've seen alot of good progress. And now with a Candidate for Deletion page, I'd like to start condensing pages. Things such as the Halva page dont really need thier own page, do they? We even have the Consumables page that has more information about Halva than the Halva page itself. 

I'd like to also point out that I am no admin or mod of this wiki, I'm just trying to steer certain things in the right direction I hope. If amy of you disagree with my ideas, please say so, and give thought on what other ways to improve this wiki.

Oscar5322 signing off.

EDIT: If possible, I think we should get together of a research session in Dying Light at some point. 

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