Tan Zhong Sheng

aka Proxy Tan Zhong Sheng

  • I live in Collective Dimension
  • I was born on February 26
  • My occupation is Proxy, Bank Security Proxy (Guard)
  • I am a proxy, not a human being anymore, but not so terrible either
  • Tan Zhong Sheng

    Rules & Policies

    February 8, 2015 by Tan Zhong Sheng

    Here's the rules

    • No spam
    • No Abusive Language, except Damn, Goddamn and What the Hell
    • No troll messages or comments
    • No violent comments or messages
    • Do not talk very rudely 
    • Respect with the others user (such as normal user, anonymous user and administrators)
    • No sex messages or comments
    • Do not post nonsense messages or comments, this will result a banish. 
    • Administrators will warn some users if they do something wrong, if they ignore it by continue their behavior, they will be ban
    • No harassment comments or messages
    • Administrator can also be ban if they do something wrong
    • Please post something with a good grammars, terrible grammars will result a warning
    • No VANDALISM: Like you edit some source of errors edit on pages. 
    • Comedy messages are not allowed. 
    • LOL …
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  • Tan Zhong Sheng

    I need someone else to add some rules so every single user could possibly follow it so they can improve their personality. I don't like to see someone else swearing, spamming and make a bad edit. If someone can added it. Congraluations, you have make the rules in this wiki! 

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