Gameplay information
Speed 60
Weapon Type Melee Weapon (Blunt)
Out-of-Universe information
Appearance Dying Light

Wrenches are a type of blunt melee weapon featured in Dying Light.

Wrenches are found frequently as common weapons in the early game. Recommended against slower enemies such as Biters, and like always headshots serve for vital areas against enemies.

Variants Edit

There are six variants of Wrench in the base game:

Adjustable Wrench
  • Rusty Adjustable Wrench
Monkey Wrench
  • Rusty French Wrench
Pipe Wrench
  • Rusty Pipe Wrench

The Following adds one new Wrench:

Pipe Wrench
  • Fabulous Pipe Wrench (x2)

Trivia Edit

  • In real life, Wrenches are tools used for grip and mechanical advantages such as applying torque to turn objects.
    • Adjustable Wrenches are used with adjustable jaws, allowing it to be used with different sizes. Many wrenches are usually adjustable.
    • Monkey Wrenches are adjustable wrenches, only used for heavier tasks.
    • Pipe Wrenches are used for turning iron pipes and fittings with rounded surfaces. Like most wrenches, Pipe Wrenches are adjustable and are one of the recognized wrenches for its adjustable jaw design.
  • The Monkey Wrench in-game is actually a French Wrench. Even thought the base variant is titled Monkey Wrench, it's Rusty variant corrects this.

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